Ogallala, Nebraska


Jigging Spoons

These spoons have been the most popular style for the last few years. This body style will imitate anything from shad to alewife to perch and crawdads to you name it. We have 7 different colors so that any water clarity can be fished effectively. With our 6 different sizes any water depth can be fished effectively. The 1/4 and 1/2 sizes can be fished as a jig as well as vertically jigged. Here in the midwest we target mainly walleye with these spoons and have caught every other species of fish that swims in the same waters as the walleye as well. We have used these spoons in Canadian waters and have done well with them either on open water or through the ice. All spoons are finish coated with glitter clear coat.

HV Jigging Spoons

This spoon hangs horizontally and with a flattened head, vibrates on the lift and flutters on the fall. Mustad trebles on both ends. 1o colors fill out the bill on this piece of equipment. Comes in 3 sizes: 3/4 oz. 2 1/8 in. long, 1 oz. 2 5/8 in. long, and 1 1/2 oz. 3 in. long (measurements include wire form)

Propeller Rigs

New for 2013 John Boy Lures is the Propeller Rigs. The fish can see it easily and stay out of the snags. These are a great rig for in between straight bait and full spinner rig.


The secret is out. These are not just for bass anymore. We have been casting the big spinnerbaits here on Lake McConaughy for years to take large walleye and hybrid stripers from the rocky points and the dam. With the recent drought cycles dropping the water level substantially, new growth has taken over the shoreline. Now that the water level has returned to a more historic level, the growth has been flooded, with 30′ to 40′ cottonwood trees totally submerged. We knew the fish were down in the trees, but getting to them was a challenge. The answer was the spinnerbait. With the bigger sizes we could get down through the branches with limited hang ups and the fish were generally very big. This method has stayed mostly here on Big Mac until most recently with some big tournament wins at Lake Oahe in South Dakota. These baits can be trolled on lead core using the 1 oz. size and the 2 oz. will get to 20+ feet down trolled on Fireline or Spiderwire.

Jigging Slabs

These are made to resemble shad with a wider body profile and will work in any lake regardless of forage base and are a great white bass lure as well as fooling any other fish. All Slabs are finish coated with glitter clear coat.

Floater Spinner Rigs

Floater Spinner Rigs bring a new dynamic to our original lures. They come in a variety of sizes and multiple colors. We have #2 and 4 Colorado Blades. All are 60″ leader with 12# test mono, all have #4 Red Hooks. We’ve priced these for single purchase or in packs of 4.

Spinner Rigs

Originally the Spinner Rigs were the first official products of John Boy Lures. There were 15 colors and bottom bouncers in 3 sizes. We now offer 23 colors and 3 sizes and bottom bouncers in 8 sizes. We see great success with these and know that the additional colors and sizes adds a great element to your fishing experience. As always – these products are assembled by hand here in Nebraska USA. We welcome your success stories!